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See a dietitian without having to leave your home! Spoons for Thought, located in Amersfoort, is a dietitian practice offering online nutrition services.

I speak Dutch, English, and Swedish.

Holistic lifestyle with preventative focus

Why do we often tend to wait until something is wrong to make a change? Preventing that something goes wrong would be better? Of course, not everything can be prevented, but ensuring that your lifestyle sets you up for the best possible situation would be worth some effort, right? A healthy lifestyle does not mean your snacks will consist of dry baby carrots and having your stomach constantly scream at you. We want to be happy, not miserable! 

It is hard to know what is fact and what is not and find the right balance when the Google-tritionist lists you 156 different diets that all contradict each other. 

Let’s skip those and look at your specific situation and what you want to accomplish and set you up with some science-based nutrition habits for life!

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Managing your weight

Tired of dwelling in the negative?

How many times have you failed a diet after a few weeks because it was too strict?

Do you need help distinguishing cravings from hunger?

Do you set up rules instead of goals when trying to make a change?


Ready to learn a new outlook on food and nutrition? Let's give your way of thinking an upgrade! I can guide you to building healthier relationships with food by shifting the focus from restricting what you can't eat towards being mindful of what you're eating. Guilt has no place on your plate. I will help you transition to a mindset and nutrition habits that you can keep for the rest of your life.

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Gastrointestinal problems

Family nutrition

Growing up in Sweden our dinners were always family-style. While we get more and more busy and distracted in our lives, our eating habits tend to suffer. We eat faster, we eat standing up, we eat alone, we eat in front of the TV, we stress-cook three different meals for dinner because one doesn’t like broccoli, the other can’t stand fish, and the third eats a sandwich running out the door. It ends up with nobody appreciating anything, a lot of stress, and the children not learning healthy eating habits. Let’s make the mealtime true family time! By doing this we have to make sure it is a priority.

Improve quality time with your family, set grounds for healthy habits and learn about food for the whole family.

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