Appointments and prices

What do you need for an online dietitian consultation

A good internet connection as we will talk via video.

If weight management is your goal, it is good to have a measurement tape or a scale available.

Reimbursement and payments


Contract free dietitian

As a dietitian you can choose to contract with health insurers or work without contracts. Spoons for Thought is a contract free dietitian, meaning I do not have a contract with any health insurers. When the dietitian does not have any contracts you pay the bill directly to the dietitian, and you can then submit the bill to your insurance company after it is paid. Remember to take in consideration the deductible (if this is not already used for other care).


The insurance company may have conditions and requirements to get reimbursed. This differs from insurance to insurance, therefore it is advised to check this with your insurance company. Typical reimbursement for contract free dietetics is 50-100%. 

You may see a dietitian without a referral because the dietitian is directly accessible (called Directe Toegankelijkheid Diëtetiek (DTD)). Some insurance companies will only reimburse you if you have a referral, therefore it is recommended to check with your insurance company first if you want to submit the bill to them. 

Digital Contract

Individual Nutrition Counseling Adult

Intake meeting 75 min

Individualized nutrition counseling specific to your needs. This meeting will go through history, current issues, and start a plan forward.


Calorie Count

Individual Nutrition Counseling Adult

Follow-up meeting 45 min

After an initial meeting we will continue the counseling and track your progress via follow-up meetings as needed.



Challenges & Programs

8 week cravings challenge

This is an interactive email challenge where I help you go from old habits to new, specifically targeting cravings. You will send in assignments and I will provide instructions and feedback.