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Ulrika Midner diëtist Amersfoort

Nutrition Services

See a dietitian without having to leave your home! Spoons for Thought, located in Amersfoort, is a dietitian practice offering online nutrition services.

I speak Dutch, English, and Swedish.

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Meet the dietitian

My name is Ulrika and I am the dietitian at Spoons for Thought.

I specialize in nutrition knowledge, finding solutions to nutrition problems, and helping you create balance and habits for a lifetime. I'm solution focused and I work with your specific situation. 


This means that I do not give you “quick fixes” because they do harm rather than fixing.

Your nutrition knowledge and habits will become a part of your life. No destructive diets. Learn nutrition and give your way of thinking an upgrade. A healthier relationship with food. 


My background is diverse. I was born in Sweden and lived and worked around Stockholm until I moved to New Orleans, US. After 13 years in New Orleans I now live in Amersfoort, Netherlands. Living with different cultures in my daily life has helped me become not only a better dietitian, but also a very open-minded person. 

I have dietitian registrations in both the US and the Netherlands and I speak Swedish, English, and Dutch.

If you're looking for support, accountability, and tools when changing your lifestyle, I can help. 

Please contact me at ulrika@spoonsforthought.com

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Ulrika Midner
Nederlandse Diëtist
US Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and

Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC)

Ulrika Midner diëtist Amersfoort

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